What do the colors for your event say about you?

Colors have meanings and create emotion. Emotions are the thermostat to our hearts; they let us know what our temperature is. Emotions are neither good or bad, they just point to our heart and our mind determines if they are valid. Our mind can validate our emotions and can calm us down if we have gone way out there for no apparent reason. We all have that tendency to let our emotions take over. So, back to colors! What are your favorite colors and have you ever thought about what they say about you? Are you drawn to more bright and bold colors that say, "here I am, notice me, I am FUN?" Or more subtle softer colors that say "I am easy going and sometimes a romantic".

You may be drawn to colors that you don't necessarily look good in, but you just love them anyway because they bring you joy. How do you determine what colors to choose for your event?

What emotion do you want to bring out when others see your decor? Fun (bright colors) , crazy & loud, (lots of bold colors), romantic (versions of pinks & reds) relaxing, easy going (monochromatic)? 

It's fun to think about!  So when is your next event?

event colors.JPG