Back the blue so they can back YOU!

Do you want to feel safe at your event? I sure do. Sometimes clients will often ask if they can provide their own security, and on one occasion I actually let them and it was not good. The trained "security officer" showed up in jeans, a golf shirt that said SECURITY on the back and a knit cap. Keep in mind this was a wedding event. He was certainly not dressed for it to begin with. I was so disappointed in his uniform, and then he left before all the guests were gone. NOT GOOD.

Even if this guy could arrest, the fact that he was not in uniform was certainly no deterrent to any outsiders posing a threat. Fortunately there were none that evening. Hiring a real police officer for your event is the best money you will spend for the protection of you and your guests. It isn't that we think your guests will be a problem; with all the crazy criminal activity around that we don' see, we just don't know who all of your guests are. Anyone could walk in and do damage fast that cannot be undone. Having an officer in uniform is the best way for one to be discouraged of any wrong doing.

If you are trying to cut costs on your event, this is one area where you don't want to compromise the quality and training of your hired security .

Back the Blue so they can back YOU. All lives matter!